9,000 Needles: Award-Winning Documentary | Turning Point Wellness | Acupuncture in the Leander, Cedar Park Area

Whether you are interested in seeing the amazing effects of acupuncture, or looking for an incredibly inspiring story, I recommend you watch this documentary which won ‘Best Documentary’ at the Phoenix, DocuWest and Temecula Valley Film Festivals 2010, as well as 7 other film festival awards!

This is the true story of Devin Dearth, a 40 year old, successful businessman, a loving husband, father of three, and champion bodybuilder, living the “american dream” in the small community of Central City, Kentucky when he suddenly suffered a debilitating stroke.

Caused by a bleed in the brain stem, the strokes leaves him paralyzed on his right side and unable to walk, with difficulty speaking, double vision and inability to care for himself or his family. He has met his ultimate adversary: The limits of his own mortality.

Devin and his family must navigate through the many complications associated with such a serious brain injury, as well as the confusing and frustrating limitations of the U.S. health insurance system.

Due to the lack of resources, both financial and scope of care, Devin’s health and window for recovery drastically slip backwards. In a desperate search for an answer, Devin’s brother Doug proposes they travel to China to participate in an affordable and promising stroke rehabilitation program integrating Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat stroke victims.

Upon arriving in China, Devin as he is immediately immersed into a treatment program and philosophy unlike anything he has ever known. Until now, his obstacles had seemed insurmountable, but with this new team of compassionate and mysterious medical alchemists, a new life seems possible.

The story of this man and his family’s spirit and incredible courage should be viewed by every family.  You will find yourself inspired and in gratitude for the gifts and abilities you have and be reminded that the human spirit can transcend any boundaries.

Visit the 9,000 Needles website to find out where you can view a screening near you.

This information brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Austin Acupuncturist, Melanie Irvine, L.Ac., MAOM, owner Turning Point Wellness.  For more info about how Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, and natural nutrition can help you achieve vibrant health and well-being.  Feel free to visit my website, www.TurningPointAcupuncture.net for more details and direct contact information.

About Turning Point Wellness |Austin Acupuncture and Nutrition Specialist

Hey everybody! My name is Melanie Irvine- I'm a Licensed Acupuncturist and specialist in Natural Nutrition and Dietary Therapy in Austin, Tx. I've always felt like the relationship between a health-care provider and their patient should be just that- a relationship. I get to know you, you get to know me and we work together as a team to generate total health and well-being for you and your body. Click any of the links at the top of the page to visit my full website and to find my contact information.
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